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Earthquake Insurance

According to the United States Geological Survey, it has been estimated that an earthquake of 6.5 or greater magnitude can be expected in California once every 10 years. Would you be covered?

With all the earthquakes that have occurred recently around the world, it is important to consider applying for an earthquake policy if you don’t already have one. Living in Southern California is already enough of an incentive to acquire an earthquake policy to safeguard your home and possessions against possible destruction.

Unfortunately, most homeowner’s policies do not automatically provide coverage for earthquake damage. In those cases, you would need a separate policy to obtain this coverage. When purchasing earthquake insurance, it is important to be aware of your options. The California Earthquake Authority is one organization that works with carriers to provide earthquake insurance. A CEA earthquake policy will cover structural and emergency repairs, restoration of the land beneath it, and replacement of your personal policy. The coverage also includes additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home in the event of an earthquake. Stand-alone policies are also very prominent as well. Stand-alone companies, such as Arrowhead General, offer broad coverage. Earthquake insurance will give you peace-of-mind that your life will be put back together after a damaging event.


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