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Teens and Auto Insurance

If you are a teen or a parent of a teen who is looking to purchase his or her own auto insurance, it is important to be informed with answers to any insurance questions you may have. Choosing not to get car insurance is not an option. Driving without being insured could result in a ticket that costs between $500 and $1000 and your vehicle registration could be suspended. You also risk your driver’s license being suspended, your car being impounded, and a potential lawsuit against you or your parents if you get into an accident. When it finally comes down to getting insurance, you’ll find that most insurance companies charge higher rates for previously uninsured drivers.

With all of that being said, you should know how much insurance you should purchase in order to drive with peace of mind. If you want to just meet the legal requirements, you will need to buy minimum liability coverage. If you choose this coverage, you should be aware that minimum liability limits may not be enough to repay someone you injure or who’s property you damage in an accident.

Homeowners: Pool Safety Tips

As the summer gets hotter, those who have pools at their homes are taking advantage of the cool water. If you have a pool then it should be included in your homeowner policy. With a pool comes many safety risks. Here are some safety tips to avoid potential claims involving your pool:

1. Make sure to test the swimming pool’s water quality at least daily depending on usage

2. Provide a pool ring buoy of at least 15 inches that is attached to a one quarter inch throw rope

3. Provide a First Aid Kit.

4. Mark the pool depth on the vertical pool walls and on the deck to show minimum and maximum depths and the break in slope between the shallow and deep areas.

5. Install drain covers.

6. Fence all swimming pools to limit unauthorized acces.. Fencing should be at least four feet high.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

What’s the difference between comprehensive coverage and collision coverage?

This question comes up more times than not in the insurance world.

All auto policies are required to have at least liability coverage which takes care of the damages to other parties in the case of an accident, whereas the collision coverage will pay for your own car’s damages. It is always helpful to ask your insurance agent when you have questions pertaining to your policy. You should always be aware of what type of coverage you have and what it means to you in the case of a claim. Collision coverage is an optional coverage on your auto insurance policy that covers repairs or replacements of a car if it is damaged or declared total loss in an accident.

Taking Inventory of Your Home

You may not plan to lose any of your belongings but instances of burglary, fire, or natural disaster do arise. If something like this happened to you, would you be able to report exactly what you lost to the police or to your insurance agent?

Take it from a knowledgeable source, you should take the time to do an inventory of your home now rather than adding to the stress after an emergency occurs.

Comparing Insurance Rates

If you are shopping for new insurance or have been with your policy for many years, it may be the right time to compare rates of different companies. We can all easily admit that when we are looking at an insurance company, we are looking for the lowest rates possible.

By going through your insurance agent, he or she will find you the best rates with the numerous carriers the company works with. Our own company has carriers ranging from Mercury to Safeco. If one rate is not low enough, your agent will work to get you a quote from somewhere else.


Common Misconceptions about Auto Insurance
The auto industry can be confusing when trying to find the right coverage with so many different options. Knowing the most common myths surrounding auto insurance will help you figure out how to get the best coverage by knowing the truth.

Below are some common myths attached to getting auto insurance coverage:

1. My rates can change based on the color of my car

It is not common for an insurance company to take in to consideration a car’s paint color when determining the premiums. Insurance companies set rates based on the safety features of a vehicle and how much the different parts of the car cost to repair or replace. That doesn’t mean that the model of your car won’t affect your premium. Some car models generate more thefts than others, and those cars are rated based on the commonality of claims, but not color.


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